Boy Scout Icing Sheets
I will add your sons name/troop etc. Personal photos can be mailed or emailed, or I
can make it without a photo. You can choose one of my samples and I will add your
photo, or I can create something special and unique for you, for no extra charge
The icing sheets are all 1/4 sheet size, but you can decorate a 1/2 sheet . Just purchase the
image labeled 1/2 sheet set up near the bottom of this page. Click on THIS link to email any
Contact me after your purchase with personalization details and  round 2.25
inch image choices for 1/2 sheet setup (very bottom image)
Free Shipping
4-7 days regular mail.
Purchase this item if you would like the 1/2
sheet set up. It is one 1/4 sheet icing sheet and
6 round 2.25 inch toppers of your choice (see
list of 39 image on this page) You can pick
from any of the icing sheets above. I will then
email you and ask you what main icing sheet
you want by asking you the sample boys name
from all my images. Proofs can be sent too.
Scout cupcake/cookie toppers
$7.25 for each set of 12. Each order you can have 3 images choices.
4 of each image. Made from Wafer Paper, similar to
rice paper.  You can contact me after your order with your image
choices and personalization details. My email is at the top of this
1/2 sheet setup sample number 2
Final product sent from one of my customers
If you don't receive my emails
due to spam you can always
call me at 714-838-7652
I will contact you after
your payment and ask
you for your
personalization details.
Priority mail is 2-3 days
shipping, $5.50 extra. ADD
TO CART below. Make sure
your add priority mail with
your order in ONE payment
process so you dont have
any additional fees for
payment processing.
Click on
round imgaes
to supersize it
Click here to
see more
themed icing
1/2 sheet set
12 seperate
badges (below)
use paypal button
under this picture
The above image is ONE icing
sheet and 6 round 2.25 inch
toppers. Perfect for a 1/2
sheet or bigger cake
6 separately
cut ranks
included with
the above
image. $3.50
The above image is ONE
icing sheet and 6 round
2.25 inch toppers. Perfect
for a 1/2 sheet or bigger