Thanks for purchasing my “Custom Photo Cake Tops”. I
have 100% perfect feedback, so please don’t leave negative
feedback before contacting me first. I do whatever it takes to
make my customers happy.
Keep the icing sheet room temperature until ready to use.
Have your cake ready with fresh moist WHITE icing, then
follow these instructions. The best way to apply the icing
sheet is to put it in the freezer FLAT for 30-45 seconds right
before you’re ready to put it on the cake.  The freezer will
stiffen up the icing sheet and helps you peal it off the backing
very easy.  Just peal off the backing and place it right on the
cake. Work pretty quick because your body heat in your
hands might make the icing sheet tare if you hold it for a long
time. Don’t put the cake back in the refrigerator after the icing
sheet is applied. Its best to put the icing sheet on 1-2 hours
before the party so it can blend in naturally to the
icing/frosting.  If you ordered cupcake/cookie toppers, no
need to put them in the freezer. There is no backing on them
either. Just place them on any white icing.
The icing sheets and edible ink are FDA approved and
Kosher. Please contact me if  your icing sheet gets ruined in
the mail process. I package them up from the instructions I
get from the manufacture, so I would appreciate you tell me if
there is a problem so I can package them up a different way.
Thanks for your business.

Thank you for purchasing my “Custom cupcake/Cookie tops”,
made from edible wafer paper.  Keep the toppers sealed until
ready to use. You can add these tops on the night before the
party or even a few hours before the party. Just make sure
the icing/ frosting  is white and nice and moist. Canned
frosting is the best texture for these cupcake toppers. Very
thin icing will make them curl up. There is no backing on them.
All you do is put  and press them on top of the fresh white
icing, like an edible sticker. They may look a bit transparent
when you see them but that all goes away once you apply
them to the white frosting/icing. The wafer paper is not icing,
so they may seem a bit thick to you but they are completely
edible. If the icing is thick and hard, the wafer paper may not
soften up a lot. Some people just peal them off before eating
if they desire. They even can be put on brownies, rice crispy
treats, as long as you use white icing under them.  Contact
me if you have any question . I have 100% perfect feedback .
Please don’t leave negative feedback before contacting me
first. 100% customer  service is how I work.